Tencel - Modal

During the entire production process, the only chemical used is the solvent, which is not toxic. 99% of the substances can be reused thanks to a closed cycle process.
In this way, whatever opinion may say, environmental impact is minimised and the polluting fumes and waters produced are in general so scarce that even the more critical agree that they are practically innocuous. Also on the question of biodegradability, Lyocell should be considered biodegradable because it is a cellulose fibre and even if it does not break down completely in landfill sites, this fibre manages to decompose in just 8 days in certain environments.
Quality is not the only factor playing an important role. Lenzing also prioritises protection of the environment and sustainability. The different chemicals and waste deriving from the production process are recycled or sold. One example is xylose, used as a sweetener by the food industry.

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