SeaCell™ is the environmentally friendly fiber with maximum comfort and a positive effect on the skin. The fiber harnesses the power of algae. The brown seaweed used comes from the unique ecosystem of the Icelandic fjords. Rich in valuable ingredients, they contain more minerals, vitamins and trace elements than any other natural product and thus guarantee exceptional skin protection when wearing fabrics with SeaCell. In response to increasingly harmful environmental influences, after years of intensive research, smartfiber AG has succeeded in bringing to market a fiber produced from renewable resources with SeaCell™. Dried seaweed is coarsely chopped, ground and evenly incorporated into cellulose fibre, from which fabrics are then made for a wide variety of applications. SeaCell™ fiber is produced exclusively from cellulose and algae in an energy-saving and resource-saving process. It is completely biodegradable. The harvest is carried out using a delicate and sustainable selection process. Only the part above the regenerative region of the algae is removed, which allows it to be expelled again. The algae are completely untreated and their biological value is retained.
The active ingredients contained in the algae stimulate the process of cell regeneration, which can help relieve skin diseases and itching and has an anti-inflammatory effect. With its high percentage of antioxidants, it also protects the skin from cell-damaging free radicals.

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